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On LFG!, explore our features and earn however you like
Create and Share
Create original Web3 content or share & repost quality content by others. Actively contribute to the community to earn rewards.
Explore Content
Discover a wide range of Web3 videos and news blogs. Watch to collect rewards, as while as keeping up with hot trends in the industry.
Invite Friends
Invite friends to join you on LFG!, and earn commissions from their in-app earnings. Benefit from their creativity and participation, and you can share the joy and grow as Web3 pros together.
Unlock Badges NFTs
Participate in the app to unlock badges that can be minted into valuable NFTs. Each badge comes with a booster to your rewards accumulation, and helps you achieve social recognition.
LFG Points for Token Airdrops
Your rewards on LFG! are LFG Points, which determine your share of future LFG token airdrops. They're credentials for your participation, consisting of several components, each with its own accumulation method.
Points Calculation
Base Points * Booster + Task Points + Referral Points
Base Points: Log in daily to start auto-mining for Points. Stake assets in your OKX wallet to boost mining rate.
Booster: Unlock badges for bigger boosters, speeding up your Points accumulation.
Task Points: Participate in the app and complete tasks to earn task Points.
Referral Points: Invite friends for Points per referral & commissions.
Future Airdrops
Points will determine your share of LFG token airdrops in the future. The more points you earn, the bigger your chance at winning greater airdrop rewards, and the more you can benefit from the growth of the LFG ecosystem.
Become an OG LFG Member
Join us now as an OG LFG member, enjoy exclusice benefits, airdrop rewards and more. Send your application via email.
Join Us on Social Media
Join our discord server for community events and surprise rewards.